Planet Kid Indoor Soft Playground

It’s pure physical fun on a galactic scale!

We’ve created a safe place for kids, ages walking through 12 years to explore, climb, swing, zip, slide and play. We like to think of it as the new “old” neighborhood where children meet up with friends, discover new ones, use their imagination to create games and play with no particular agenda.


Boise Rock Gym

With the popularity of indoor rock climbing gyms, the sport of climbing has become more mainstream, but our rock climbing gym is a little different. The Boise Rock Gym is the only rock climbing and team building facility in southern Idaho dedicated to groups, parties, and special events! Unlike other rock climbing gyms, we don’t cater to hard-core climbers. Our beginner-friendly gym is designed for the average person.



How much fun can your child have at one of our parties? There’s no limit!

It only comes once a year. It’s an important day. We know a birthday is a big moment in a child’s life. We also know that birthday parties can be a stressful time for parents. We want to do what we can to make your child’s party super special for your child, and hassle-free for you.


Team Building

Looking for a place where you can bring your group to spend some quality time strengthening your ability to work together to achieve common goals? Our unique facility allows us to offer fantastic team building activities that will bring your group a little closer together; activities like Traffic Jam, Rope Knot, Pipeline, Sneak A Peek, Password, Brick By Brick, Hot Lava, and many more!


Special Events