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Gymnastics programs

The sport of gymnastics offers each child a range of physical, mental, emotional and social benefits.

What child hasn’t been told to eat their vegetables so they can grow up to be ‘big and strong’? While nutrition is a key component of building healthy bodies, it is not the whole story. Children’s bodies need to move, and be tested in order for them to achieve optimum health. Gymnastics is an ideal way for kids to do this, as it uses their own body weight and gravity as resistance. Bouncing, rolling, balancing, and pushing & pulling all work to build strength for dynamic activities, as well as core strength for balance and control.

Wings Center gymnastics provides lively, age-appropriate curriculum and really great instructors who care about their students. Our spacious facility allows students to experience a variety of equipment and activities in a positive setting.

Success is experienced in many forms through our gymnastics program.

Ask about a Trial Class for first-time students.
This class is applied toward the monthly fee if you choose to register for it.

Gymnastics for Walking to 4 years

Our infant and toddler gymnastics program offers an age-appropriate gymnastics facility filled with equipment just the right size for the development of young children. This is a period of extraordinary physical, cognitive and emotional growth and the benefits of gymnastics for this group of children are remarkable. Bouncing, rolling, balancing, pushing, pulling, singing, swinging, tossing and climbing are all part of the experience. New challenges each week provide a balance of large and fine motor movement and multi-sensorial activities, combined with music.

Give your child a wonderful enrichment experience to learn and grow from.
  • Development of patience and cooperation
  • Improved listening skills
  • Expanded social skills
  • Enhanced neural pathways that promote greater cognitive abilities
  • Increased balance, strength, and coordination
  • Valuable self-confidence, self-control and a can-do approach to life.

On-going gymnastics enrollment for children walking to age 4

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Gymnastics for ages 5 - 18 years

Our Recreational Gym Classes are gender-specific, age and skill-level appropriate and experienced in an open, light-filled gym designed to create a sense of community that encourages a sense of accomplishment. Caring coaches using well-developed curriculum in a positive, enthusiastic environment creates an experience that provides physical, cognitive and social growth that will benefit athletes for years to come.

Our large facility is filled with all sorts of high-quality equipment, from our extensive high bar training section and tumble floors and tumble track to our full-size spring floor and foam pits. Our gymnastics curriculums not only emphasize correct technique in a progressive manner, but also encourage each student to achieve success in a positive learning atmosphere.

My kids had a wonderful time here on Saturday. Kyla was great with the younger kids and gave Megan good advice on bars. Brenda gave Jessica a super lesson. Wings staff always goes the extra mile and we appreciate it!” – Marianne Byres


On-going gymnastics enrollment for ages 5 and older

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Girls Competitive Gymnastics

Not all athletes choose to compete but for those that do Wings Center provides training and opportunities to compete at local, state and national levels. We are a fully sanctioned USAG member club offering girls competitive levels 2 through 10 and X-CEL.

Our commitment to providing a safe, open environment where dedicated coaching staff develop character while training the whole athlete has been part of the Boise area for over 37 years.

Please call 208.376.3641 if you would like more specific information regarding our competitive gymnastics program.

Gym Jam Playtime, Tuition Discounts, Class Make-ups, and Dropped Classes

  • Gym Jam Playtime
  • Gym Jam Playtime (available to current students only)

    Parents will actively direct their child through various skill-based challenges. Our gym will be set up as it was during the week so you can work on any or all the skills that were taught in class. Our staff will be available to assist or to give recommendations.

    Ages: Walking through 4 years

    Saturdays:  12:00pm-12:40pm (time change starts September 8, 2018)
    Daily Fee: $7 per student pre-registered $10 walk-ins

    Register at the Wings Business Office

  • Gym Jam Workouts
  • Skills and Drills Recreational Gymnastics

    Gym Jam Workouts (available to current Wings students only)
    Students will work independently, under an instructor’s supervision, on their curriculum-based skills. This is not a hands-on instructional class, rather an opportunity for students to work at their own pace to “get over the hump” of particular skills.

    Saturdays: 12:00am to 2:00pm (depending on the length of your regular gymnastics class)
    Daily Fee: $10 per student pre-registered $12 walk-ins

    Register at the Wings Business Office

  • Tuition Discounts
  • 10% discount for a student’s 2nd simultaneous program.
    For example, if a child is enrolled in Gymnastics and is then enrolled in another program such as Childcare or Preschool, a 10% discount will be applied to the lower of the tuitions.

    The 2nd student in a family receives a 10% tuition discount.
    Both children must be enrolled simultaneously. The discount is applied to the lesser tuition amount.

    The 3rd student in a family triggers a 10% discount for all family tuitions!
    All children must be enrolled simultaneously.

  • Class Make-ups and Dropping a Class
  • Class Make-ups

    If a gymnastics class is missed, parents may schedule a make-up class within 30 days of the missed class. Make-ups are only allowed for currently enrolled students. No credits are given for missed classes. Make-ups for missed May classes must be done by the end of May. Make-ups for summer classes must be done by the end of summer.

    Dropping a Class

    If you plan on dropping a class or program, you must submit a written notice to the Business Office at least two weeks in advance, otherwise you will be charged for future classes.

    FOR GYMNASTICS CLASSES – To drop a class our Business Office must be notified in writing. If you drop a class the same day of the class, you will be charged for that class.

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