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Motor Development

HOMEMotor Development

FireFly Children’s Center PLLC

Now offering programs within the Wings Center.

Boys and Girls ages 3 and up                            

FireFly programs are designed to help promote a well-balanced sensory system in children with different needs. They utilizes gymnastics, sensory and play activities specifically designed to address imbalances and produce more positive outcomes in skill development, social interaction and self mastery.

Firefly-photoDo you feel your child could benefit from assistance with any of the following? 

  • Difficulty following directions?
  • Attention issues?
  • Transition from one activity to the next?
  • Sensory sensitives?
  • Hyperactivity?
  • Poor physical strength?
  • Difficulty with handwriting?
  • Challenges with coordination?

Registration Info

Annual membership fee

September – December: Individual- $35 Family- $55
January – May: Individual- $15 Family- $35
June – August: Individual- $0 Family- $0

    • Due annually each September or when registering for the first time (September-May).
    • Wings Center Membership T-shirt is required ($12.50).
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About FireFly

Helen Singh is a licensed Occupational Therapist with a degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas.  Ms. Singh has an extensive training and experience in habilitation and rehabilitation in the adult and pediatric population. For several years, Helen worked witin several private practice clinics in Texas as a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of hildren with a variety of diagnosis and needs.  While serving the community in that capacity Helen established gymnstics-based activities for children with differing needs.

Having relocated to Idaho Ms. Singh brings her knowledge and expertise to benefit the unique neeeds of families with children experiencing sensory, developmental, physical, social-emotional, fine motor or other challenges.  

Contact Information: 
FireFly Children’s Center PLLC
Phone:  (214) 641-5540
E-mail: contact@fireflychildrenscenter.com 


View Class Schedules

Classes are based per semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).
Tuition is paid per semester at time of registration.

Adaptive Motor Development Class
This program utilizes gymnastics,sensory, and play activities to promote positive impact on sensory, motor, and devlopmental needs for children with “unique needs” that require some extra assistance. 

Mondays and Wednesdays (call for times)
Class Length: 45 minutes 1 time a week
Ages: 4-5, 6 and up 
Group Ratio: 4:1 (dependent upon class level) 
Private Ratio: 1:1 and 2 times a week available call for rate and times

Transitional Motor Development Class 
This program is great for providing that little extra assistance to children who would benefit from a little more direction or guidance as they transition into group classes. This class gives these children the etxra time they need to “learn the game”. 

Mondays or Wednesdays (call for times)
Class length: 45 minutes 1 time a week
Ages: 3-5 and 6 and up
Ratio: 5:1
Adaptive Progressive Developmental Class
Mondays or Wednesdays (call for times) 
Class Length: 45 minutes 1 time a week
Ages: 6 and up 
Private: 1:1 (available call for rate)





Private Lessons

Call to inquire about the following services and programs: 

Private Fine Motor Classes: For children wishing to improve fine motor development such as hand grip, letter recognition, handwriting, eye/hand coordination and more. 

Private Cursive Handwriting Classes helps to introduce cursive in a simple fun way. 

Private Individual or Private Group Classes are available to address individual needs of children of all ages an skill levels.  

Contact Information: 
FireFly Children’s Center PLLC
Phone:  (214) 641-5540
E-mail: contact@fireflychildrenscenter.com