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Investing in your child’s healthy well-being is important, and we know parents want their children in a trusted, quality program that offers nurturing, positive instruction.

Developing a sense of competence is an attribute that grows exponentially. One way to do that is through sports. When a child experiences a sense of mastery their confidence in their own ability to succeed grows making the next challenge more manageable and less daunting. This positive self-confidence is felt not only in the activity in which they participate but in life as a whole.

Resiliency is necessary to succeed in life. At the Wings Center resiliency is developed through various sports activities within a positively safe learning environment.

Children and teens must not only develop physically, they need to acquire social skills and build mental and emotional flexibilities that will help them cope and recover from hardships -priceless when preparing them for future challenges.

Young people who are consistently physically active are much less likely to engage in using tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs.


Wouldn’t things be better if kids got out and exercised? Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children. The benefits of gymnastics are numerous, including increased muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, and agility.

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Swimming Instruction

The Wings Center and Flow Aquatics have partnered to bring your child the best possible swim instruction. Flow’s teaching methodology offers a new-found sense of relaxation and comfort by teaching children to swim from the “inside out”.

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Motor Development

FireFly Children’s Center PLLC is now offering programs within the Wings Center designed to help children find their special strengths for coping with stressful learing situations.  FireFly’s strategy is to help promote a well-balanced sensory system in children with different needs.

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