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Childcare & Education

Whether it’s full-day childcare, after school care, developmental preschool or a day or two in our day camp, our program flexibility increases your ability to find the perfect solution to your childcare must-haves. Club Kid considers itself a Partner In Parenting. We know how crazy life can get between work, school, community interests, family obligations, and health concerns – a family can get frazzled. We’d like to be the sure-thing, the rock-steady, the rain-or-shine-thing in your lives. Working as part of your team, Club Kid provides thoughtful, high-quality care that is mentally challenging and physically active. We extend our focus to family and school; knowing that it takes a village to create the best possible experience for each child in our care. Creating that special bond with families takes a dedicated staff, progressive curriculum, and a willingness to go beyond the basics. Character development is a critical component of our curriculum and is approached as part of our mission to build children’s social awareness. Traits such as respect for yourself and others, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship, and kindness all lend themselves to a better experience for everyone.

As a part of The Wings Center, Club Kid is able to utilize a variety of spaces and equipment not generally available in childcare centers. This environment supports a multitude of enriching experiences very often involving movement. The Wings Center also contains gymnastics, swimming, rock climbing and an indoor playground. All these spaces are available to Club Kid, along with stations for arts, crafts, science, cooking, reading, music, homework, and games of all kinds. Add to that our synergetic curriculum that involves field trips and off-site learning opportunities that take the kids out into the community and engaged, enthusiastic teachers and we think you’ll agree that we’ve created a pretty amazing childcare experience.

And about that enthusiastically engaged staff; they are not only licensed through the city of Boise, are first aid and CPR certified, but receive on-going training as part of the Idaho Stars program, whose vision is to increase the quality of early care and education for all children. All of our childcare staff participate in Love and Logic training sessions to cultivate habits that improve their interactions with children of all ages.

Expression of appreciation

  • I remember being in the youngest group the Nemos and wow, I can't believe I'm still going to Wings. It is so much fun I still feel like a kid!

    Daniel S., SWAT member / /

  • We love the Club Kid staff and have had a great experience since we started.

    Stacy Heupel / /

  • My boys, ages 9 & 6, began attending After School Care three days a week at Wings in December. They were a little tentative as I have been a stay-at-home Mom until recent. My 9-year-old surprised me a couple weeks ago when he whispered in my ear asking, 'Can I go everyday?' Now that is saying something!

    Laurie McGeorge / /

  • The Wings Center has been the best experience for our family! I cannot praise the Club Kid staff enough. My two boys are excited to go each day and for me there is no better testament to their awesomeness!

    Kathy Butler / /